Tee Jay B.
I'm legit writing this as I'm eating! This is so delicious!!! I was driving on beach and noticed the word Colombian and could not believe my eyes! I was so happy! I ordered empanadas de carne, papa rellenos de carne y arepa de chocolo. Everything was fresh, hot to order and savory. The arepa was perfect! Don't overlook this spot and support a local Latin America small business, you won't regret it. As of today(7/2) they are only doing takeout so give them a call, because the door might be closed.
Andrea A.
Omg omg omg! Being Colombiana and missing the restaurants fro back home. It had been a long day after a drive and I was starving, as well as the rest of my family. My parents ordered 5 Bandeja Paisas and wow! My boyfriend and I were blown away due to the fact it was our first time having such a delightful, authentic beautifully made platter. Chicharrón, Chorizo, Arepa, Rice, the Carne Asada! All of it delicious, oh I can't forget the beans with the little pieces of chicharrón. I definitely have to go back. I live near San Diego and this food would be more than worth the trip. I couldn't take any picture just bc we know when you're hungry and you can SEE just how good that food is going to hit, you just can't help but dive in. That Postobon Manzana on the side, you know it was a MUST!
Anna S.
Being Panamanian/Colombian, this food is soo good. I was impressed how amazing the cheese empanadas are, I'm now addicted to them and will most definitely going back. Authentic food can be hard to come by and this hit the spot. The arroz con pollo and bandeja paisa came with more food than my husband and I could eat so we will be sharing a meal next time. Looking forward to more empanadas and sancocho next time! :)
Emjay V.
Ordered from here last night and still eating all the delicious leftovers!!! I used to live next to donde Adela in orange so when I was driving down Beach Blvd and saw this place I was so excited!!! In my opinion it's the best Colombian restaurant I have been to yet, food is delicious. Wishing them luck as they continue their business during this covid era we'll definitely be back
Amy K.
I accidentally stumbled into this small restaurant while looking for another restaurant. But decided to give it a shot, and ordered the Churrasco to-go. It comes with rice, beans, and salad as well. It was delicious and I'm glad I tried them out. Maria was holding down fort alone on a busy Sunday. But she is very nice, professional, and a pleasant presence. The next time the mood strikes for Colombian style meat with the fixings, I'll be sure to come back!
Andy J.
Great Food!! I ordered a variety of items and everything was delicious. Please give them a try and let's keep them in business.
Sean R.
I was going here with so-so hopes. Good Colombian food is truly hard to find. I was very lucky to come upon this place. It is truly authentic Colombian food. So sad that they've been open a month. I'm hoping they are able to make it before Covid has their way with them. Please support small businesses and give this place a chance. Its very good!